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Bane of Life - by Audax
Audax recommends:

Think about it - This is a custom EQ emulator based on classic EQ. It has not been released yet but you can check out the specifications.


House Rune FTW !! - by Wook

The Chronicles of Spellborn

The Ascendency Advance party has descended on Spellborn and it looks to be a decent game. The world is enormous, the combat system is unique and challenging. A quote I read said something like .. "Easy to learn, hard to master". I even find the lore very engaging.

The game is free to play up to level 7, so download at and join us on the PvP server!

/tell valthar or /tell warakus for an invite.


Spam - by Wook

Because of the democrats, we've experienced some spam on the public forums. While some of it is entertaining, our security analysts have advised us to disable guest posting until we get off our lazy asses and install anti-bot code.

So, if you're new here and want to register, our 24/7 tech support team will be more than happy to activate your account.


Warhammer is coming! - by Wook

Warhammer is coming!


Ascendency is recruiting. - by Wook

Sign up today !!

Click here to find out more >>


Welcome to the new Ascendency forums - by Wook
Welcome to the new forums. Please register and post in the public section for member access if you don't have it within a few hours.

Everyone give Shortbeard (Doktah) a hearty "thanx ole girl" for once again coughing up the dough so we can have a place to hang out.

We'll be making a lot of changes, so bear with us as we fine tune the forums. As usual, all suggestions are welcome, so let myself or Dok know if you have any ideas.

If you have any login issues or experience double logins make sure to clear your cookies.

Thanks for being part of the community!